Artistic Science and Research

We do not just make art – we also reflect and research it.

Scientific and research activities have a long tradition at JAMU, and we further develop that tradition through our many activities.

Academic and research personnel of JAMU are engaged in research in the field of history and current forms of theatre, music, audiovisual and radio production or art pedagogy and they publish the results of their research in professional monographs, journal studies or papers at professional conferences.

Publishing House JAMU annually prepares and publishes about twenty publications, including professional monographs as well as contemplative and essayistic books, proceedings of professional conferences, memoirs of important artistic personalities, translations of foreign publications or university textbooks and texts for studying. Publications produced by the Publishing House JAMU can be purchased in the JAMU e-shop.

Both faculties also organise professional conferences and symposia, which host important domestic and foreign experts. Some of these have a great international reputation, such as the Brno Theatre Symposium at the Faculty of Theatre. At the Faculty of Music, these significant events include the International Conference “JAMUsica”, which focuses on all aspects of research into arts, including the artistic research, and the Symposium:Arts|Music|Management, which focuses on music management.

At JAMU, the recent years also saw us intensively trying to develop the artistic research, a progressive concept of research into art carried out by artists themselves, who do not approach works of art and their artistic activities with traditional research methods, but rather reflect on and document their own works of art or their artistic interpretations.

All our researchers and students can rely on the Library JAMU, which currently holds more than 90,000 volumes; it is one of the most important Czech libraries in the field of theatre and music and it has a number of unique and otherwise unavailable publications.