Organisation Structure

The Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts is a public higher education institution established by law in 1947. JAMU is headed by a Rector elected by the Academic Senate of JAMU and appointed by the President of the Czech Republic. The Rector’s term of office is four years and the same person may hold office at the same institution for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

The Rector appoints his or her deputies, i.e. vice-rectors, who represent him or her in the assigned areas, and he or she also appoints and dismisses deans (on the proposal of the faculties’ academic senates) who head the faculties. The economic management and internal administration of the institution is headed by the Bursar, who is also appointed by the Rector.

The JAMU’s basic components are the Faculty of Music and the Faculty of Theatre; the other components include the Library JAMU, the Publishing House JAMU, the Theatre on Orlí Street and the Astorka Information, Teaching and Accommodation Centre. There is also the Recording Studio JAMU at the Theatre on Orlí Street; the second school theatre is Studio Marta, which is part of the Faculty of Theatre JAMU.