Theatre on Orlí Street

The JAMU’s Orlí Street Theatre is the most recent theatre stage in the Czech Republic. It was completed in 2012 at 19 Orlí Street on the site of a medieval inn that had been destroyed during the bombing of the city at the end of the Second World War. The theatre has first-class facilities for stage technologies, especially for sound and light, which make it possible for students to prepare
for their professional careers in theatre, something which is in keeping with current world trends. Its variable stage is primarily used for musical theatre, i.e. opera and musicals. The average capacity is 150 seats. There are also classrooms, rehearsal rooms, a professionallyequipped recording studio with top acoustic properties and a wine bar in the historic cellar. The architectural design of the theatre received a number of awards in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The Chamber Opera Studio is part of the JAMU – Faculty of Music. Students of voice, opera direction, orchestral instruments and conducting gain practical experience in the atmosphere and conditions
of a real theatre for use in their future work as artists. The Chamber Opera Studio was founded in 1957 and since that time has become an integral part of the cultural life of Brno. In these fifty-five years, it has performed more than 150 works from the repertoire of Czech and world opera. With its non-conventional dramaturgy, the Chamber Opera Studio is an interesting alternative to other music theatres in Brno. From autumn 2012 performances of the Chamber Opera Studio are presented on the stage of the Theatre on Orlí Street (Divadlo na Orlí).

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Theatre on orlí street