Books and publications predominantly created by JAMU staff are published by our Publishing House. It has been established in 2000 and its mission is to publish study materials (university textbooks) for the institution’s students and to create quality facilities for the publishing activities of teachers at JAMU. It publishes study, educational and professional publications on the history and theory of music, theatre, scenography, drama education, management, radio and television and other related fields. It publishes proceedings of professional conferences, dictionaries, foreign language professional terminology books, methodological manuals, university textbooks and essays; it also does not shy away from translated titles. It also irregularly publishes the Občasník JAMU bulletin and provides press and editorial services to the Rector’s Office and both faculties. Some publications, especially the musicology titles and conference proceedings, are also published in English. Every year, the publishing house produces about 20 titles that are edited there; the publishing house also utilises the services of external printing houses. Published publications can be purchased in the e-shop.