Information, Education and Accommodation Centre

The centre was built in 1997-1998 at 3 Novobranská Street in place of the Astoria Hotel which had been pulled down. Nowadays, it serves as a hall of residence for students of the JAMU with a capacity of 230 beds. A modern library with rich resources especially in the fields of music and the theatre, a multimedia study hall and JAMU’s Editorial Centre are located on the 2nd floor. The JAMU library consists of more than 100,000 books and around 50 specialized periodicals and journals including in digital format. The centre also includes a dancing hall and the teaching rooms of the Studio of Musical Acting, soundproof rehearsal rooms for the students of the Music Faculty, recording studio and the teaching rooms of the Studio of Audiovisual Creation and theatre, fully equipped with audiovisual technology. There is also a small restaurant. During summer holiday Astorka serves as a hostel for the public and visitors to Brno.