Welcome to Brno

In Brno everything is nearby: you live in the pleasant surroundings of a cultural centre of a reasonable size with a thousand-year old history, with many theatres, a quality Philharmonic orchestra and countless international festivals, concerts, shows and other artistic activities each day.
From Brno you can get anywhere easily: you are here in the very heart of the cultural and artistic life of Central Europe. Quicker than you can get from one end of some European cities to the other, you can reach prestigious world stages such as those of Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Bratislava and Krakow.
Brno is within reach from everywhere, so you can meet thousands of students in all fields of study from six universities. These students increase the population of the city every academic year. In the very centre of Brno, in its historical heart, you will find the Janáček Academy – with the beautiful historic Art Nouveau architecture of its faculties, with modern theatres, a recording studio, student accommodation and a library. Outstanding teachers in the fields which cover all areas of theatre and music devote to their bachelor’s, master‘s and doctoral students their care and attention.

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