JAMU will be part of the European Sustainable Development Week and will prepare two events

This year, JAMU will participate in the European Week for Sustainable Development for the first time ever in connection with its participation in the CRP Unilead programme (Ministry of Education and Science). Most of the Czech public universities are participating in this event and will prepare several activities for students, staff and the general public during the week of September (20-26 September).

There will be various events and lectures on sustainability – canteens will prepare vegetarian meals, students will prepare swaps or exchanges, and films will be shown. Due to the later start of the semester JAMU will schedule two of its events during October.

The first will be JAMU’s Sustainable Book Swap, which will take place at both faculties from Oct. 4-8. On the ground floor of the faculties will be created a place where people can exchange (swap) books with each other – thematically related to the subjects of study, JAMU’s activities and general musical or dramatic topics.

This will be followed by the JAMU Autumn Run (planned for 12 October from 16:00 in Brno’s Kamenná Kolonia), which will be not only a team-building experience, but will also encourage the academic community to enjoy a pleasant and healthful movement (run, walk). The participants will be able to carry over this beneficial and sustainable habit for travelling to faculties, the Rector’s Office or other parts of the Academy. It will also include an after-party with a barbecue and a concert by students of the Faculty of Music. Students, staff and teachers of JAMU are invited to this afternoon in the charming surroundings of the Brno Kamenka.

We will keep you informed about both events.